Completed Project

There are some of our completed projects are listed as below:

275kV Substations (Primary and Secondary Testing)

No.ProjectsYear of CompleteClient
1Lachau 275/33kV Substation2019Alstom Grid
2New Bintulu B 275/132kV Substation2019Pestech
3Tudan 275/132/32kV Substation
2018Alstom Grid
4Marudi Junction 275/33kV Substation2018Larsen & Toubro
5Kemena 275/33kV Substation2017PESB
6Mambong 275/132/33kV 2015Mahsuri

132kV Substations (Primary and Secondary Testing)

No.ProjectsYear of CompleteClient
1Astana 132/33kV Substation2018SEE Energy
2Sejingkat 132kV Underground Cable Extension Bays2018SEE Energy
3Mendu 132/33kV Substation2017PESB
4Muara Tabuan 132kV Underground Cable Extension Bay2017Pestech
5Sakura 132/33/11kV Substation2017Pestech

275kV Substations (Primary Testing)

No.ProjectsYear of CompleteClient
1Mapai 275/33kV Substation
2Murum Junction 275/33kV Substation2014SEB

132kV Substation (Primary Testing)

No.ProjectsYear of CompleteClient
1Samajaya 132kV Substation

Oil & Gas Project

No.SubstationYear of CompleteClient 
1Gala CIty 33/11kV Substation2018Bormal
2Demak Indah 33/11kV Substation2018Bormal

Private Sector Project

No.ProjectsYear of CompleteClient
1Shell M1 Offshore Platform2019Wehaya
2Murphy BORF, Bintulu2019ABB
3Petronas MCOT, Miri2019ABB
4MLNG 33kV GIS & Cable Electrical Testing2019MLNG
5Sakura Ferroaloys Plant, Bintulu2019Sakura
6Asean Bintulu Fertilizer 14th Turnaround2018ABF
7MLNG Substation 42 Transformer Replacement TR-42-A/C-12017ABB
8MLNG Transformer Oil Filtration2017Wehaya
9Shell Lutong, Miri2017Paradana

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